Mr.Hou attends the forum of One Belt One Road &Cross Border Lease
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   Mr.HouJianxiong, president of GDSN, attends the forum of One Belt One Road &Cross Border Lease and signs the agreement of strategic cooperation on behalf of Guangdong Financial & Lease Association.

   The forum of “Opportunity and Challenge: ‘One Belt and One Road’&Cross Border Lease” in Guangzhou has been jointly held on April 7th 2016 by Guangdong Financial Lease Association,China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation Guangdong Branch, and Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce.Many domestic experts in finance &lease have been invited to attend the forumto introduce the development policy in finance and lease and put their heads together to discuss on How Go-Global enterprises make best use of cross-borderlease to exploit oversea market, govern risks with effectiveness, and diversify finance as well as other issues. Some experts, leaders and over two hundred representatives from enterprises have attended the forum, among those peopleare Liang guixuan, former inspector of Guangdong Foreign Economic and Trade Office, Rong peichan, department head of Guangdong Commerce and Trade Management Office and officer Dai Xiaomei, Jiang Biao, deputy director of Guangzhou Nansha District Financial Bureau and Jiang Jianjun, headman of Guangdong NanshaDistrict of Finance &Leaseworking team. Mo Yanhua, deputy director officer of Commercial Commission of Special Business. Leaders from China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation and its branchof Guangdong, Qu Yankai, expert and principal consultant of Guangdong Financial&Lease Association and China Financial & Lease Association. Mr.Hou Jiangxiong, as the executive director of Guangdong Financial & Lease Association , has delivered a speech at the forum and signed on behalf of Guangdong Financial &Lease Association astrategic tripartite agreement with China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation Guangdong Branch,and Guangdong Chamber of International Commerce.

  The tripartite strategic agreement centered on the strategic deployment by Guangdong government aims at cultivating finance supporting platform anddriving enterprises to participate in international economical cooperation andcompetition more widely, comprehensively and highly and gives full play totripartite advantages o such as oversea network, market expanding, consultation service, risk guarantee, and financing facilitations. The tripartite strategic agreement is to build a long-effective and comprehensive mechanism ofconnection, enhance the coordination and connectivity, pool strength to developgo-global businesses, and create more effective channels and more convenient conditions for enterprises to launch cross-border leasing businesses. The threesides also cooperate with each other on building One Belt and One Road, strengthening publicity and promotion of cooperative projects, building regularvisiting mechanism of investigation and survey, boosting enterprises to exploitoversea market, fostering tripartite win-win cooperation platform, and innovating the forms of financial services. 

   Qu Yankai,expert and principal consultant of Guangdong Financial &Lease Association and China Financial & Lease Association, has delivered a keynote speech on Policy and Opportunity of Cross-Border Finance and Lease. LuAnli  insurance underwriter of China Export&Credit Insurance Corporation has briefed onusing policy financial instruments to promote the development of cross-borderleasing businesses. Integrate into One belt and One Road Strategy, Internationalize Leasing Business by Ren Weidong, CEO of Bohai Lease, BuildService Platform of Cross-Border Leasing Business, Support Go-Global Enterprises by Gao Yuhui, general manager of Yuexiu Lease, Current hardship andPaths of Cross-Border by Liu Hua, general manager of department of shippinglease of CM International Financial Leasing CO.LTD., and Comprehensive Solutions to Cross-Border Leasing Equipment by Li Zhiqing, general manager of XINGCHENGGUOJI have been share to us.

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