China-South Africa economy and trade cooperation were signed successfully under the witness of Zhu Xiaodan
Date of publication:2016-08-31   Source:

 In order toreinforce China-South Africa friendly communication, and deepen economy andtrade investment cooperation, local time on 30th Aug, China(Guangdong)—South Africa economy and trade cooperation communication meetingwas held in Durban.  People’s governmentof Guangdong Province governor Zhu Xiaodan attended the meeting and made aspeech. South Africa Natal executive committee  Zikalala who is in charge of  economy development, tourism and environmentmatter,  Zandli Gumede, mayor of Durbancity,  Wang Jianzhou, China ambassador inDurban attended to the meeting and made speeches.  South Africa preparation equipment and vehiclefinance leasing projects which are the major projects of China-South Africaeconomy and trade cooperation were signed successfully under the witness of ZhuXiaodan, Mr. Hou Jianxiong on behalf of YueFei finance leasing Ltd signed theagreement.

   Byreport, Guangdong and South Africa enterprises have signed 8 projects andagreements during this meeting, projects total amount 198 millions USD.  South Africa preparation equipment project andvehicle finance leasing project are the major project of China-South Africaeconomy and trade cooperation,  theproject amount is more than 100 millions USD, which were signed by YueFeifinance leasing limited, Guangdong GW holding Group Limited and South Africa Gijima GroupLimited. The project is going to start within this year, aimed at further promotingGuangdong and South Africa economy and trade investment cooperation.

   Thiscommunication meeting was hosted by People’s government of GuangdongProvince,  undertaken by Department ofCommerce of Guangdong and Natal trading investment promotion bureau, more than110 China enterprises and 400 South Africa enterprises attended the meeting.

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